Friday, June 16, 2017

End of school, 2017

Where is the time going?!?! The kids are officially done with school and are ready for summer break. Maya finished 4th grade and "graduated" from elementary school, she will be at the upper elem. school in the fall. She is half excited and half anxious -- the school is really big and houses a lot more students. I'm excited for her! She's growing up to be a beautiful, funny, creative, and talented young lady. She had some great friends at Kennedy this year and, thankfully, they will all be going to the same school come fall. It was nice to have my parents in town for her little graduation today.

Josh is officially a 3rd grader! He's looking forward to going to school with Cora in the fall and playing soccer with his buddies. He has grown a lot this school year and made a few good friends, but he had no problem saying goodbye as he is ready for long, lazy summer days.

COCO! She is now a Kindergartner and I just can't believe it. Her preschool teacher told me that over the last few months Cora has really come out of her shell and she enjoyed watching her participate in circle time and answer questions. Her best friends were Lucas, Kameron, and Davey (she said the girls were all mean :) and they loved playing cars and a game they made up at recess called, "Toaster Dogs". Apparently it's like tag and you make toast for the other players?? Anyway, she's such a cutie and is so, so polite. She always says please and thank you and really considers everyone else's feelings. She will be 5 in July and will be in school full time in the fall. Hard to imagine! I'll miss having my little buddy with me during the day. She had Kindergarten Roundup at the beginning of the month and got to see the classrooms and meet the teachers, but we already know she got Mrs. Sayen - the teacher both Maya and Josh had for Kinder. We love her and how personable she is! Every time she sees Cora she gives her a big hug and genuinely cares about her students. If my baby has to be gone all day then I'm glad she's with her! (Top pics are from roundup, bottom are from prek graduation) At her graduation she had to stand up in front of everyone to receive her certificate and Mrs. Stickler read some of Cora's answers to questions they asked her:
Favorite Food: Grapes
Favorite thing to do at school: Play Cars
When she grows up she wants to: Be a princess who goes shopping (ha!!)

Looking forward to a CRAZY, long Michigan summer!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas! (2015)

The kids decorated cookies and wrote letters for Santa and our Elf on the Shelf, Lucy, on Christmas Eve.

They woke up early on Christmas Day but stayed in bed until 7am! Such sweet kids. :) I remember waking my parents up before 5am some Christmas mornings...I won't let my children know that! They were so excited and we had a wonderful morning opening gifts and playing with our gifts and new toys all day long. Everyone was so generous and we appreciated it! Maya worked really hard for a few months leading up to Christmas and saved money to go toward an Ipod, Josh asked for an RC Car, and Cora requested a cash register and doll house, as I mentioned in my last post. They must have been good kids because they received everything they asked for!

Cora's face...haha! If I remember correctly, she was upset because I said she couldn't have a candy until after I took a picture. Silly girl.

BFF's -- one day out of the year.

Last December Nick was offered a position at a new company so we didn't know if he'd still have as much time off as he did with Ford. Thankfully he did! We loved having so much time to spend together as a family and found a few fun little outings to do as a family but we mostly stayed home and relaxed (and ate too much). It was a great Christmas break!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Happenings (2015)

The kids had a great time building and decorating their gingerbread houses. I actually pulled out my nice camera for once and captured a few good shots of them. These photos were taken a year ago, but it seems like so much longer, and the kids look a lot older now. Also, every year when we make these houses it results in a lot of fighting, arguing, frustration, etc. so if my kids don't bring it up this year, I'm totally skipping it!

Josh woke up sick with the pukes one morning so he stayed home from school. I had to stop by Kroger for a few essentials after taking Cora to school, so Josh tagged along. Santa was there and desperate for kids to come sit on his lap...he was walking around the store stalking people and telling them to come find him up front. Josh didn't want to sit on his lap AT ALL, but I made him because I felt so bad for the guy. I hope Josh didn't make him sick. :/

Poor little man ended up falling asleep on the couch about an hour later. Is it mean that I like it when my kids are sick because they're so tired and snuggly?

Cora was excited to see Santa until we got really close in the line. She was even prepared to give him her binkys (now that I write this out I can't believe just last year she was still using a binky to sleep!! She's grown up so much over this past year) in exchange for a doll house and cash register for Christmas, but as we walked up to him she lost it aaaaand now I have about 3 of these pictures; her crying and the big kids smiling. We'll see how this year goes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Newsies on Broadway! (December, 2015)

One day I was driving and heard an advertisement that Newsies was coming to downtown Detroit. I was telling my good friend Heather that I'd love to go but Nick wasn't really interested. Without pausing she said, "Let's buy tickets and do it!" I need friends like that who make me get out of the house sometimes. We looked forward to it for a few weeks! Before the show started we went out for dinner at Panera and had lots of time for girl talk. I'm so thankful for her friendship. We had a great time and it was an amazing show!!

Stan and Deebs come to visit - November, 2015

I love when we have visitors! I love when the visitors are two of my very best friends. We had such a great time with my parents in town. This was the first time that I could drop ALL of the kids off at school and have alone time with them. We went to breakfast a few times and we were able to chat without interruptions, which was amazing!

Nick took work off on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so we could go up north with the family. He had signed up for a bike race in Traverse City, but the weather was rainy the day before he would have participated. He hopes to do it next year. (Well, this year now that I'm finally posting this) We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge for the first time and we loved it! The room was great -- a main floor with 2 queen beds and a sofa bed, and a loft with another queen and a half bath. We gave my parents the loft because we thought that would give them some privacy. Unfortunately, in a loft you still hear EVERYTHING and Cora was not a good sleeper on the trip, lots of screaming and restlessness for 3 nights. We survived though and still loved the accommodations. The water park was really cool. Maya and Josh were at perfect ages to go because they know how to swim and the water slides were just their size. Cora, not so much. She isn't a huge fan of water yet and she made me so nervous wherever she went. They also had an arcade, mini bowling alley, and salon. Such a neat place...many great memories were made!

The first day in Traverse, we went downtown and shopped around. We really liked the Cherry Republic store where everything is cherry flavored and sampling is encouraged. We tried cherry salsa, soda, bbq sauce, etc. Then we had lunch and a slice of pie at Grand Traverse Pie Company. We tried the cherry (of course), blueberry crumble pie, and a cinnamon roll. They were all very tasty, but we LOVED the blueberry.

My mom pretending to be at a fancy wine-tasting place with her cherry coke. Haha, love her so much!

We had a great time up north. It's so pretty there - I think Traverse City is my favorite. We got home just in time for my birthday and celebrated with Jet's pizza and game night....I have to beg people (Nick) to play Yahtzee with me!! It was so fun.