Friday, February 1, 2013

Cora - 6 months old!

Cora turned 6 months old last week. I'm sure it's pretty difficult being the third and youngest child. She is always being "placed" somewhere whether it's in her bouncy seat, bumbo, swing, exersaucer, or in Josh's arms. I feel like she is starting to get fed up with it though, she usually starts fussing right when I set her down. She does like her Bumbo seat and it has helped her to get used to the idea of sitting up. On her 6 month birthday we decided to practice sitting up and she surprised us all by staying up on her own! She still needs someone right by her because she tips after a minute or two, but wow! What a surprise. I wanted to look back and see what all of my babies have looked like at 6 months old.



It is so fun to look at each of them to see their similarities and differences.
What a blessing it has been to have this sweet little girl in our family. Everyone loves her to pieces. She is such a happy baby and for that we are grateful! Here are some facts about baby "Coco".

Teeth: 0
Favorite food: Milk and pears with a little cinnamon mixed in
Favorite person: DAD, he is the only one who can make her laugh. She is constantly smiling, but boy is she stingy with her laughs.
Sleeping habits: She is still waking up once a night to eat but she is really good about going back to bed. Usually she's down by 7:30pm, up once around 3am, and up for the day around 6:30am. We are all getting much better sleep now that she isn't crying every night.
She can roll over from belly to back.
She has beautiful blue eyes
Weight: 16 lbs 10 oz. (58%) Length: 26 inches (52%)

Ha! This picture just makes me laugh. She is so cute and chubby. I can't handle it! More pictures:
Cora and Josh. He is never far behind...
She's still crazy about bath time
And she loves to spend time with her big sister when she gets the chance to.

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